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Currently loving... Box Bags

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

With Spring coming, we want everything to be lighter. The weather, the coats, the jumpers, the mind. I am in this Spring mood for far too long, but Amsterdam's weather is constantly taking that away from me. So I stay there, in the cold Winter, just hoping for the bloody wind to stop freezing the hell out of me. When having to go back into this Winter feeling, I had to also go back into Winter's fashion. And the only thing that is keeping me from crying is my new accessory obsession: box bags. I had one for the past months, and made some use out of it, but have already stored it. I don't know why exactly but I have the feeling that box bags are much more Autumn/Winter than Spring/Summer, and the weather is now giving me a little bit - hopefully only a little bit - of extra time to fulfill my latest obsession. 

I guess that my love for this look comes from my rather obsessive need to have everything organized and in its place. This type of bag is all about that. It is structured. Such a beautiful word for a psycho like me. It is just giving me the feeling that everything is in its place, everything is held together and kept within a frame. Yet it is not only about the feelings, but obviously the look. Yet once again I will have to come back to this word, 'structure', because it is what it does, it structures your look and gives you a lady-like aspect, which for a reason I don't really understand is very much Autumn/Winter for me. I am currently loving box bags, but well, I am so ready for Spring and straw bags. This obsession is just a chic way to forget about how much I hate the cold. 



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