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Saturday, 24 March 2018

To feel good you need to be in a nice environment. It is something I have always paid attention to, but since I moved to Amsterdam I have been quiet lazy and did just the minimal room décor. Yet since I am back from my home holidays, I have decided to make everything look better. One of the first step was this new commitment with flower bouquets that I took. Now, each week, I will have to buy one. To have flowers in my room makes me instantly feel better, and with Spring which has apparently just arrived, I cannot resist some colorful tulips, as you might have seen on my Instagram. But this is only one small step, and I want to go further. So today I thought about sharing with you some of my favorite home bits that I recently stumbled upon, and I am now craving for. 

Urban Outfitters
For me, a nice bedroom starts with a pretty and comfortable bedding. It is such a horrible feeling going to bed and going under a scratchy duvet cover. So to invest in good bedding is not a stupid move. I love Urban Outfitters' designs, and the quality is definitely worth the price, which can sometimes be rather heavy. You don't have to go for their funny designs, with for instance a white bedding covered in cute sloths. I personally choose this embroiled grey duvet cover, looking chic, and guaranteeing you lovely dreams. 

I reach a lot towards Urban Outfitters when it comes to the bed area, and to go with this bedding I have just selected, I went for those two pillows. The first one are monogrammed, and I think that the pop of colors will be welcome to add a little more joy to the chic grey bedding. The flowers also add a Springy vibes, and moreover, they are soft!
The second type I went for is this fluffy and beyond soft pillow, matching the bedding perfectly with its pastel and light colors. It will add a cosy look to the bed, and most of all, it is comfy as hell. 

Last bit I picked up from Urban Outfitters is this art print, by Ingrid Beddoes, entitled 'Sea Bliss'. I believe that it is very important to add something to your wall, it will make the room much more personal and lively. I choose this print for its colors mainly, but also its size, large enough to be hanged on a large white wall. 

Zara Home
Zara Home is one of my favorite homeware boutique to shop at. Their style is very sophisticated, very Hampton house, and definitely makes you wish you were living by the ocean. I always gravitate towards them when it comes to décor and dishes. Their pieces are very delicate and chic, adding a little bit of jazz to a boring room.
The first item I went for is this hanging flower pot. I love the style of it, its white discretion that will be broken by a neon green plant or a colorful flower composition. It will definitely fill in the room, and having them going by pairs is a very good way to fill the space and add greenery to the room. 

A rug is a very important element of a bedroom according to me. It does add some coziness, and once again, fill in the room. You can go for several tiny elements or a bigger one, which was my choice here. I am very into those neutral colors, beige and grey shades, so once again I went for this vibe with the rug. The patchwork motif is at the same time original and discrete, and it is actually comfortable and enjoyable to walk bare foot on!

To start your day in a nice dishes is something crucial for me, and will for sure brighten my day straight away. So I picked up couple of those lovely colorful bowls, a beautiful way to have your breakfast. 

H&M Home
H&M Home is a very good option if you want to go on the cheaper side, and does actually have amazing collection for a rather good quality. The first item I picked up is this laundry basket. For me, to have an organized bedroom is a crucial need. I cannot live in a messy place, where my stuffs are everywhere but in their actual place. So this basket is a real life savior to make disappear with style all of your laundry!

Scent is also a major concern of mine. It needs to smell incredibly good in my bedroom, and what is better for that than a scented candle? I know many bloggers gravitate towards brands such as Diptyque, yet some of us cannot afford to spend so much money on something as ephemeral as a candle. So H&M Home is a good way to have your room smelling nice and clean, without having to eat pasta for the rest of the month. 

As you might have noticed by now, I am very into neutral shades, yet I like to pop a little bit of color in the details, and porcelain pieces are a good way to do so. I choose a bowl from Zara Home, and now a mug for my morning coffee or my beloved afternoon tea from H&M. Once again, they have really good cheap option, and their current collection is rather pretty. I have here went for this lovely tropical patterned mug, bringing some sun into your bedroom. 

I hope you enjoyed me talking you through my favorite pieces and new homeware additions 🌿



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