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March Favorite Bag: Céline Classic Bag in Box

Saturday, 31 March 2018

The other day I was strolling around a famous department store in Amsterdam, and I took a look at some price tags on designer bags. The fact that those prices are completely extravagant is not a surprise for anyone. But I thought, if you want to buy a designer bag, let's say your first big purchase, what should you go for? It is such an investment, you want to chose the one that you could wear with every outfit, on every occasion, and not a weird number that might only work with your blue winter coat. I was then wandering around asking myself this existential question, and I spotted the perfect investment: a Céline Classic Bag in Box. Why this one? Well, it is extremely wearable, goes with absolutely everything, and this for most of the colors they propose, it is not too small, nor too big, elegant, discrete, but still a designer bag that you will recognize. Céline is not such an old brand, but with its accessories it already achieved to create classics. Every person slightly interested in fashion and reading a fashion magazine will recognize a Céline bag, and this model even more. It is the quintessence of chic and elegance, a bag for women of today, busy, yet willing to stay stylish. The perfect first investment. Yet most of all, a real fashion crush. 



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