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A Day in... Utrecht

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Leaving in a foreign country, far from home, can be harsh and sometimes you feel lost and lonely, even if the city is not so new anymore. Sometimes you also feel bored, or you just want to get away from the crowded town Amsterdam is on weekends. I guess that we wanted to avoid all those tourists, and to breath some fresh air, get lost in another city, when we decided to go to Utrecht on that cold Sunday in February. We took the train and in 25 minutes we were there, in this sunny but freezing town. It is funny how every city looks like one another in the Netherlands, you're never really far from Amsterdam in the end. Same tiny and high houses, same canals, same cold. Still we felt a bit more lost there. 
Before going, we obviously checked out what were the must see and do of this lovely town, and we ended up walking around the historical city center. It is not a small town, but you can easily get lost with all those tiny streets and bridges that all look the same. Domplein is the heart of the town, the main square, where you won't miss the amazing cathedral, completely rebuilt after it collapsed centuries ago. Walking around this sacred place, with the sunlight coming through the colorful church windows, was a nice way to meet the city in its most historical place. On the same square, you will spot the impressive tower which is facing the cathedral. It is actually the highest tower of the Netherlands. Hence we did not dare going up the 400 something stairs. 
The Sonnenborgh museum and observatory is also a must see for all astronomy lovers. Another historical place telling us about a different religion. 

Utrecht is also known for its great shopping. It is true that we encountered some nice unique shops, especially in the Oude Gracht neighborhood, and on Schoutenstraat. For more usual high street shops - and to warm up a little - go to the Hoog Catharijne Mall. 

Food wise, we had lunch at Pickles Burgers & Wines. A good spot with a lot of options on the menu, and for a reasonable price, right in the city center. 

After lunch we went for a walk around Stadhuiskwartier, a lovely neighborhood, before crushing at the Grand CafĂ© Lebowski, a must for all fans of the movie. 

But as always, the city was nice and everything, yet all best memories from your excursions and travels are always things you cannot revisit and recommend, they just live inside of you. I will remember many small moments of that day that will always be the filter through which I will remember Utrecht. It was such a nice Sunday. 



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