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A day in poetry XI

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The season of new beginnings
And a time of blooming
Flowers everywhere
Nature coming back to life
And I find it hard to catch my breath

The most beautiful season of them all
A season for new and fresh starts
A season for us to stop falling apart
And like a tulip you bloom
Finding yourself in your most beautiful costume

A season that have seen so many poems being wrote on
Where flowers have been signs of hope,
Singing birds a sunny melody
As I crumble,
Feeling like I might be falling down endlessly

Why do I have to be out of rhythm once again?
Why do I have to miss the most beautiful bit of the year?
In the darkness of my room, 
I am missing all of the bloom, 
In the coldness of my shelter,
I am letting go of all this beauty, sweet bitter. 

You do not see it.
The sun is too bright for you to open your eyes
The music of the Spring is too loud for you to hear me cry
But how could I hate you for that
I did not when you left me in the heart of Winter
I did not when you laughed at me last Summer
I did not when you almost give up, a Fall ago
How could I now?
Spring is a too beautiful season, 
And I am nobody to spoil it

A fresh start for all
For the nature and for you
For the swan on the lake, and the robin in the tree
For the wind warming up, and the sun shining always brighter
And here I am, hoping for rain and thunder storm

The start for all
The end for us
As if life, when coming back, was blowing against us
As if for the flowers to bloom, our love needed to die

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