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May Favorite Accessory... Straw Hats

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

For the past two years I have been telling you each month about my favorite bag. However, as the months go by, and the seasons change, I cannot seem to find any new bag I deeply fall in love with. That is why, from now, each month I will tell you about my favorite accessory. 

I am starting this new series with straw hats. How appropriate with this weather! Summer is around the corner, and with the 30°C we have now in Amsterdam I can already take my sunny days accessories out. I have always been into hats, since I was a kid. Caps, Winter hats, every shape, every color, but my all time favorite is for sure the straw hat. It just screams Summer, holidays, the smell and the sound of the sea. And as I said in my Summer lounging favorites post, it most of all protect you from the sun. It is far more natural, and as effective as a sunscreen, for keeping your face from sun damages, but also your hair! 

Yet its protective qualities are not what it is all about. The straw hat is the perfect accessory to pair with any Summer outfit, whether it is a sundress, simply your bikini, or even to spice up a little bit a pair of jeans and a white tee-shirt. 

I have listed you here some options from high street brands - as my hats are all from last year. There are some really good options at the moment for affordable prices, pieces you should rush for! 

I just cannot wait to spend my Summer holidays under the shade of one of these beauties! 



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