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Book Review: 'Call Me By Your Name', André Aciman

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Few weeks ago, I told you about my love for the movie 'Call Me By Your Name'. It left me so heartwrentched and romantic that I was sure I would never find such a romance. Until I read the book, which I finished few weeks ago. Normally I am more the kind of person who reads the book then watches the movie, but this time the hype got me, and to be fairly honest I decided to watch it mainly because I did not know what to watch and heard so many good things about it that I was sure to not like it. Jesus, that sounds so elitist! My apologies. But anyway, I watched the movie before reading the novel, and I could not undo that: now I had to do things the other way round. So I went and bought the book, and read it in about a week. To be fair it was quite nice to put faces on names and landscapes on descriptions, yet I hated knowing what was coming next, or worse, waiting for a scene in particular - the ending obviously. But I went through it, and as the end was coming, holding my breath, I realized that this was actually not the end. I won't spoil anything if some of you want to read the novel, but to keep it short, a whole part of the book has been deleted in the movie. And well, this last part was just the most beautiful and heartwrentching, in my view. The novel, with this last chapter, took a whole other dimension. Now it was not only about a love story between two young lovers, lasting for a short Summer, but the story of a love living for a lifetime. Actually, when I look at the movie and at the novel in their whole, I see two different narratives, two different messages, two different loves. Which is not a bad thing, because I had the possibility to be surprised anyway, which was very much pleasant. If you read the book and watched the movie, please let me know in the comments what you thought of them! I am really curious to have an external point of view coming in to ruin mine. Yet I don't know, I think that this different ending made me love the novel even more than the movie. And I am kind of sad that everybody is raving about Timothy Chalamet, when the Elio of the book is just a thousand time more beautiful.



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