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Summer capsule wardrobe

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Summer is here, I am back home, the temperatures are high up, and I am ready for a Summer wardrobe. Since almost a year now, I am trying to buy less according to my crushes, & much more according to my actual wardrobe and the wearability I will get out of every piece. I want to shop in a more conscious way, buy less to wear more. This new philosophy for the last Spring has paid off, and I have been able to build outfits that I loved, and to really wear what was hanging in my closet. So for this Summer, even if I know I'll stick to some pieces I have owned for a couple of years, I wanted to get some new items, ones that will match my style of today, express my vision of my Summer look. 

The first piece I bought was a simple white tee-shirt, ornamented with a discreet but lovely embroidery. I had this item in mind for quite a while, since a white tee-shirt is such a basic. But I wanted to find one with an embroidery that I could really wear - some are seriously too dumb and ridiculous - and one that would have the perfect fit for my body. I found this piece in Mango, and since then cannot stop to wear it. The embroidery, "Honey that's right" is very discreet, located on the collar, sewed in hand-written like black letters. A basic that can work with any type of bottom, from the tailored short to the jeans. Unfortunately this exact tee-shirt is not available anymore, however I have found a very good alternative, click the link below to shop it!

Bottoms are my weakness. I never really know what to wear appart from jeans and black tailored trousers. Not bold enough to rock a good print I guess. However, I have decided to be bolder - but not too much - and last week I bought a gingham trouser. Nothing crazy, I know, but such a big step for me! And what an amazing discovery! I love this print, and it goes perfectly with the white tee-shirt I just told you about. This Zara one, which I stumbled upon by chance, is the perfect match for me. It is high waisted, ankle length, and has some ruffles on the pocket, which adds a nice detail. Plus, they are so light weight and comfy! The perfect trousers for the hot days. 

To stay in the topic of bottoms, I also decided to invest in a pair of tailored shorts. I am kind of fed up of those denim shorts, always so tiny and not that comfy. To keep it casual, but still look a little bit more dressed up than in denim shorts, I went for paper bag waisted ones. They are flowy and will let you breath on hot summer days, while keeping it classy yet casual. H&M has really good options, and I went for one of their model, in a beige color. An essential Summer piece.

If bottoms are my weakness, tops are my favorites. Every Summer I have to face the same problem: to not buy all of the tops from Zara. This year was another hard one, yet I have been able to finally choose only two of them. Most of the time, I go for light and flowy materials, such as linen and organic cotton, sustainable fabrics, good for the planet and comfy for your body. My color palet is rather neutral, I love an off-white or a beige top, or a light blue one. Zara has a rather large selections of this type of items, and I have here featured my two purchases. The first one that I choose is an off the shoulders top, which is for sure a must for this Summer 2018. The details of this one makes it rather unique, and original. The embroideries and the ruffle, mixed together, are at the origin of a fresh, summery top, perfect to go with denim short for instance.
The second one, when I saw it, I must say, it was a real crush. This Greek inspired top was right up my street, and I could not not get it. Yet even if it was a crush it was a smart choice. I know I will get a lot of wear out of it, once again with denim skirt or short I guess. The material and the shape are also extremely flowy, and then, the comfiest. 

The last type of top I have deiced to invest in is a cami. I am not really into those very lingerie like ones, and then decided to only stick to the spaghetti straps and light weight characteristics of this item. I did shop this one in Mango, and I love it. The shape is extremely flattering, while the embroideries take me back once again to the Greek style I am a sucker for. Another smart crush. 

Clothes wise, I have one more item I really needed to add into my Summer wardrobe: a sun dress. I already have a few, yet I wanted to add a new one for my rather small collection, and I had a pretty clear idea in mind of what I wanted: a wrap around dress. I have found the perfect one on Asos, by Faithful the Brand. It is on the pricier side, I am aware of it, but this dress I am sure I will keep forever. It is a style that will never get old, while the print is simple yet sophisticated. A dreamy piece, just what I needed for a hot Summer night. 

Accessories wise, I could have went totally nuts, but I kept my calm and only bought two pieces. The first of them is a pair of slides. I did not own any classier ones, and I decided that this would be a smart investment. Those shoes can go with absolutely anything, from the dress, to the gingham trousers or a simple pair of jeans. Once again, I turned to Zara and their pretty cool dupes of the Saint Laurent Nues Pieds. They look almost similar, and are pretty comfy. A good found I am pretty chuffed about!

As for the bags, as I recently told you, I am all about woven ones this Summer, and then deiced to get my hands on one of those now famous round woven bag. They are sold in various places, from Etsy to independent shops and high street stores. I found my perfect one in Mango. It is made in Indonesia, in the traditional way, and I must say the quality is here. I love its details, from the bow that closes the bag, to the pattern of the straw. I went for the black one, which was a bit more up my street, and I cannot leave it. A favorite that I will keep forever. Unfortunately it is not available anymore, but I will link below few options you could choose from!

So here is my Summer capsule wardrobe! I hope you'll fin some inspiration and enjoy my little shopping list. As for me, I am now going to head out, in my gingham trousers, and enjoy my very Summery day 🌿☀️



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