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Devil wears Prada

Tuesday, 23 February 2016
     More than a simple movie, this is basically a legend. I think we can all agreed on that point. I know it is not a recent movie, but there are some, without being real chef-d'oeuvre, whom left their mark on a generation, and Devil wears Prada is one of them. It all started with Lauren Weisberger's personal story and proper experience which inspired her to write this funny book, full of emotions and scathing sentences. To read it has been a real pleasure for me, I have been completely overwhelmed by the story, unable to close the book, and finally I finished the novel way quicker than I had imagined. But the movie adaptation didn't exactly follow the book's path, like it does in most of the adaptation, they made some massive changes to put it in a film. Nevertheless, who hadn't watch this movie a hundred times, with at the end always the same sensation as the one you got when you eat sugary treats? Obviously we can't really see ourselves in those characters living in a luxury and sprinkled world, but which sixteen years old girl hasn't watch this movie while dreaming to suffer as much as Andy to have her life? Well, a lot did, I guess. Fashion world has fascinates for decades, whatever the generation, and this movie achieved to perfectly show in a film this universe made of cheap shots, mean words and uncomfortable outfits. But the story itself stays kind of faithful to the book plot, we see how a job can completely change you and who you are, especially in this world, but also how fashion universe is such a world apart in so many different ways. Andy's sufferings are mainly turned on her self-confidence, and finally it is her private life that is completely destroyed, only because of a mean and insensitive boss.

     Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway are facing each other in a violent and stylish fight in New York's streets, fill of those marvelous creatures on high-heels. I fell in love with the book, then the movie, for the story but also its characters, so perfectly played on screen. And there is as well the way they show us how fashion industry and feminine press can have an impact on everybody's life, and so it makes of this story something way more meaningful. Some moments in the movie make us dream of that life, for example when Andy walks around New York with stylish and classy outfits, and in the background we can here Madonna's song, Vogue. But others scenes are way more dramatic, when characters take off their mask we realize that behind all those beautiful and expensive outfits there are feelings. With a book and that movie, we dream one more time about fashion world, but it finally gives us a kick in the butt to bring us back to reality. Classic, timeless, effective. 

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