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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Gucci flowers

Is it possible to feel love at first sight with a bag? Yes right? Or am I going mental?
Gucci bags. Never have been a big fan of this brand actually, but what is this marvelous mini Dionysus Blooms shoulder bag? I stumbled upon this bag thanks to Aimee Song aka Song of Style who owns one since several months now, and her Instagram is filled with it, and every time I see it I can't help but crave for one. Obviously 1650$ is kind of a lot of money for me, but I still think that all of my studies will pay off one day and I'll be able to finally own one of those beauties. 
So let's do a quick review of this bag. 
It is an on the shoulder one, with a chain that you can adjust in two different lengths. The size is quite tiny but still big enough to put a lot of your stuffs in it. There's an single pocket, and you open the bag from the top. You can see all over the bag the Gucci monogram, and there's also this emblem of the brand, which is the tiger head, on the clasp. The inside of the bag is rose velvet, which only adds grace and style to the bag, even the inside is stunning and well crafted. By the way, the bag of the Italian Couture House is of course crafted in Italy. However, now it's time to talk about the most important part of this beautiful bag, the floral print. It could have been weird to mix the Gucci monogram in beige and brown with those pink flowers, but actually the result is pretty stunning, and we have to admit that it leads to an original results, but still an elegant and stylish bag. I do think that it is exactly the kind of purse you can wear with everything, from a leather jacket to a white t-shirt. 
The new perfect bag to me.

Aimee Song, aka Song of Style, wearing her Gucci mini Dionysus blooms bag with a Anna October dress in Cannes last May

The back of the bag, where the floral print takes it over the Gucci Monogram

What's in Aimee Song's Gucci Dionysus bag


Pictures: credit Song of Style's Instagram

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