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My magazine came to life

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

As you all know, my gap year project was meant to be a paper magazine, full of articles concerning subjects that I loved, and this blog was just the best way to share my work. And so, a year after my project has started, my paper magazine finally came to life! All printed, maybe not looking a lot like Vogue, but I'm pretty happy with it and SO PROUD!!! I would have never imagined that I was able to create such a thing, to be the creator of an original project, and now all I feel is pride and happiness. This project helped me to get through this tough gap year, and when I see what I did and in which conditions it was, I can't help but clap myself till my hands bleed feel good and happy about myself. So in this article I would like to give you an idea of what my actual physical magazine looks like!

I'll wait for your comments, I hope this magazine will pleased you as much as it pleases me :)

I've written all of the magazine in French, except for the poetry and a few articles, written in English.

Food and art side by side

Here is one of my "Day in Poetry"

My dear magazine, Pardon My French, Issue n°1



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