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Coffee Break

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

It feels like everybody nowadays try to be the healthiest person on earth. No more milk, running vegan, detox everyday, veggies for breakfast and hot water with lemon in bed. Well, I tried of course to live the healthy life. But there are some guilty pleasures in life that it is hard to get rid off. I don't know if it is a French habit, or European one, or if it is just me, but some habits are so good that even if you know they might kill you, you keep them. For me, it is not that bad I believe. Coffee breaks. I love them. I don't only talk about drinking coffee. Of course I do drink some overtime I have to get some work done, every morning when I feel slow, every moment I think I need one. I've tried to reduce my consumption of coffee, but it is still hard for me to forget my 3 pm coffee break. Coffee with milk and one sugar - some biscuits on a side plate of course - and Vogue. How good does that sound? It is just the best way to get rid of the stress, to take some time just to chill by yourself, reading the best fashion magazine ever and drink the best drink ever. A break during the day, just before getting back into the stressful routine. Maybe I should stop coffee, I heard that it stresses. Anyway, let's have a coffee break. 



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