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Monday, 2 January 2017

Here it is. A new year has started yesterday. And basically I don't feel like anything has changed. Many of you must feel the same actually. You woke up, maybe hangover, but then the day went on. You showered, had breakfast, then your lunch, then you chilled at home or went on a hike with your too motivated uncle/father/mother/grandma, then tea time, dinner, bed, and so it goes today. New year, same life, right? Well, that is why it feels like new year's resolution are too stupid to be took. It is just like the first day of any month. It starts, it has got an end, and in between life happens with you just fighting to get through it. I am so pessimistic, right? Well, I think it is actually the best resolution I took - of course I did take some, I criticize but I am too much into the traditional way of thinking to skip this step. To be happy in 2017 - so cliché, right? - I will just don't care. Or at least, care as less as I can - I'm still a 21 years old girl, of course I care. The key to feel good is maybe so easy that it becomes stupid. Just listen to yourself, to your feelings, to what matters for you. Well, no matter the number of the year, just be nice to yourself. Listen to your heart, care less in order to suffer less, be light, be nice to yourself. But please 2017, be kind. 



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