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A Dior Fairytale

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

When you a are little girl, you watch all of those cartoons, from Ariel to The Sleeping Beauty, you see princesses marry the love of their life, you see poor girl being loved by the charming prince, and all of this happens in beautiful dresses. And when we grow up, even if we realize that the charming prince doesn't exist, we still dream about the dresses. But now, we don't watch TV for that, we just open Vogue or a beautiful coffee table book about any high couture brand. However, one of them seems to symbolize the princess's dream that we used to have: Dior. With their new book, Dior, 30 Avenue Montaigne, we dive in this world of fairytales and dreams, a world where girls wear couture dresses and, maybe, think about love. 



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