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Friday, 6 January 2017

The other day, after I cried for almost ten minutes because my boyfriend hasn't texted me back for a day, I found myself thinking, "fuc***g technology". Let me explain myself. For a day I had send him messages on WhatsApp. So of course I could see he was receiving them, but even more horrible, he was reading them. And guess what? He was connected on Facebook as well, but didn't reply me! I almost went mental. He was complete ignoring me - something already terrible - but the worse was that I could see it. Nothing hurts more than this. Begging for attention from the one you love, and being rejected, right before your eyes. 
New technologies, I believe, completely fu**s up our relationships. You CAN spy him, you CAN see what he does, you CAN even know where he is, you CAN witness that et ignores you. You can do it all, and of course you do. It is so easy now that we break up because he was tagged in a picture on Facebook, at party when he told you he was home, we break up because he was connected on WhatsApp for the all day but never texted back. It is so unhealthy and heartbreaking that sometimes I wish I lived in the 18th century like a Jane Austen character. Letters. It was it all. But love was maybe  stronger at this time. Maybe it was more valued. Let me think, the problem is maybe not technology, the problem might just be that he doesn't text me back because he doesn't love me anymore? I wish I could have been living in a Jane Austen's book. 



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