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Blogger Style: Sincerely Jules

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Nowadays it is not that hard to find models. And by models I mean people who inspire us, people who have a passion, share it, and let us take something out of it. As I already said in my latest 'Blogger Style' article, fashion blogger are a real source of inspiration. Sincerely Jules, Julie Sariñana being her real name, is a well-known fashion blogger, living the perfect life in LA, spending Winter in light blouses, having the perfect body, and engaged to a cute French boy. No need to say that she inspires us at every level. However, here I only want to talk about her style. This pretty girl likes to wear easy going clothes. A lot of flat shoes, sneakers, monochrome comfy t-shirts and light sweaters, she loves her basics and has even created a brand out of it. Nevertheless, her love for simple garments hadn't kill her style, and she adds cool but most of the time eye-catching details to her outfits, being the perfect example of the cool California girl, living the dream life in LA, in her Gucci loafers and carrying her perfect life in her timeless Céline purse. Portrait in images of a girl we wish we were.

Cosy & Casual

Feels like Summer

Simple Details

Credit for pictures: Sincerely Jules' Instagram 




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