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Guilty Pleasure

Friday, 10 February 2017

In my latest editor's letter I told you about my beloved coffee break that I take every afternoon. It is kind of a guilty pleasure for me, a moment I take for myself, to read old Vogue Paris issues and take a break from all of my issues and the stress generated by university. I don't want to be redundant in this article, but with the days passing by so quickly - can you believe we are already on the 10th of February? - and the amount of work getting heavier on my weak shoulders, I have been really needing to take some more breaks. During the day, just an hour to chill in bed and watch Netflix, while eating Kinder Surprise and forgetting about how everything is going wrong in my life. Need to find a new flat to live in in Amsterdam, need to retake an exam I failed - this did hurt me a lot, and I must say I lost all of my confidence work wise, all of this is a real pain in the a** those days - well, too many things, too overwhelming, too heavy on me. So what's the magic formula to get through all of it without crying 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Take breaks. Give time to your guilty pleasures. I mean, really. Eat sugary treats, read a good popular book - no more uni reads !!! - watch the whole first season of Friends, have pizza for dinner and hot chocolate for breakfast. All of those little things, those are the things that will help you get through all of the mess surrounding you. 

I know, we call them 'guilty pleasures', but don't feel guilty at all. Only take the expression, not the bad definition of it. Chill, relax, eat stupid food - by this I mean Kinder, crepes, M&M's and all things of this kind - watch a movie, take a nap, take a walk, go shopping - or shopping online if you're feeling too moody and stressed to go fight in Zara for the last gold fishes printed shirt. Achieve your guilty pleasures, think of yourself, for yourself, and then you'll feel better. To stick to writing your paper when you're sad or down is not a good way to write a brilliant essay. Take the time you need to feel good, and then writing this essay / reading this article / doing this PowerPoint presentation / writing your summary won't look that terrible anymore. Take a moment each day just for you, feel happy, and all around you will start to look better to you. Don't feel guilty. 



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