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Unicorn Cake

Friday, 17 March 2017

It's been ages since I published my last recipe on the blog. However I don't have that much opportunity to bake in here Amsterdam since I don't have the material, plus most of the time the ingredients needed are pretty expensive. Still, last time I went back home, I met up with my boyfriend's sister and we decided that it was time for us to try to bake a unicorn cake. We saw them all over internet, and they were too pretty to be avoided. Nonetheless, today I won't share a recipe or some baking tips like I usually do, because to be honest, to bake this unicorn cake was a real nightmare. The recipe we got wasn't that easy, we messed up the cream, had too many issues with the sugar paste, and well, it took us almost 9 hours to bake it and decorate it, no lie. 

So today I've just decided to put the link to a recipe - not too complicated I thought, and with loads of details on the equipment needed and technical tips - by Juliet Sear, and the  to share with you some of the most amazing cake design for a unicorn cake. I know, it is pretty tempting to bake such a pretty thing, but still I have to warn you, to bake a unicorn cake, when you are not a 5 stars baker, might end up in tears and blood - I'm not really exaggerating, even though it was tears of laughters because, tired as hell, we laughed at this disaster; and by blood I mean my arm was hurting so much when I was making the butter cream that I thought my muscle was going to explode. But well, the suffering was worth the taste and the visual result! So if you feel brave, take a chance on the unicorn. 



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