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Spring Favorite Lipsticks

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Spring is here, and so our beauty routine and beauty looks obviously change with the season. Winter is good for pale skin and dark lips, with strong eye-makeup to look a little bit more alive. However once Spring is here, alls we want to do is to go lighter with makeup, to only have a fresh looking skin, and pretty Springy lips. Pink colors, gloss and lip pencils instead of heavy lipsticks, it is the season for changes. So today I propose you a list of my favorite lip products that will brighten your face and your days!

Yves Saint Laurent, Volupté Tint-in-Balm, in "Tempt me Pink, n°9
It is not because Winter is over that we should stop hydrating our lips. However, it can sometimes be hard to apply a lipstick over a lip balm. The color doesn't stay, the feeling is not agreeable, and at some point you just tend to forget about the lip balm and dry your lips out by only using your lipstick. That is why this Saint Laurent product is the perfect one for the girls who like to be efficient and don't want to bother themselves with too many beauty products. In the center of the tube, an hydrating lip balm, and all around it, the color. Really light and between the gloss and the lip balm, it will left on your lips a nice feeling. Not sticky, not greasy, they will just feel hydrated while you will look stunning. 

Chanel, Rouge Coco Gloss, "Heart Beat", n°762
It feels like Spring is the season of gloss. They are shiny, they are lighter than a lipstick, and also easier to apply. I always loved Chanel gloss. The texture is nice on your lips, not too heavy, it stays all day long - of course you need to reapply it after you ate - and the look is gorgeous. So shiny and colorful, with a very large range of colors, most of them perfect for Spring time. For the occasion, I choose a intense pink, very bright and colorful, calling for Summer...

Estée Lauder, Pure Color Envy, "Shell Game"
I don't really know this makeup brand well to be honest. However when I saw this gloss I thought, "I need it". The color of the one I picked is quite particular, and even though I'm blond I've decided to give it a try. The texture feels nice, it smells really good, and "Shell Game" just kills it with this tone hesitating between orange, coral and gold. However, just like the Chanel gloss, it's still a gloss, and be prepared for it to be sticky and have your hair glued on it! But well, the color is worse it!

Dior, Dior Addict Lacker Stick, "Sassy", n°882
This Dior lip product reminds me a lot, because of the texture and of the application, of the Saint Laurent colored balm, and actually all of the Saint Laurent Volute Shine range. It is easy to apply and feels really good on your lips, very light, but also shiny, and without the disadvantages of the gloss. It is not sticky at all, and the color is gorgeous, really nice finish on your lips. I really love this range and here I picked up the brightest pink shade, just to remind us that if Spring is here that does mean that Summer is not that far now...

Chanel, Crayon de Couleur, "Rouge Corail", n°4
In my post about my favorite makeup products from Chanel, I already mentioned the Chanel Crayon de Couleur, and everything that was marvelous about it. So here I just share with you another color, symbol of the Spring and reminding us of all the flowers around us at this time of the year, Rouge Corail.



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