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Françoise Gilot, Picasso

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Even when you spend your days studying art history, there are so many things you won't stumble upon. You cannot study everything, you cannot know every art work ever made, ever preliminary or minor drawing, every draft, even thought they might be masterpieces. Sometimes, you stumble upon an art work in the weirdest way. I discovered this Picasso drawing while scrolling on Instagram one day. A girl had it tattooed on her arm, and I thought it was too beautiful to be ignored. Fortunately, she had made written the name of Picasso under it, his signature imitated on her skin. It was then an easy deal to find the drawing and to get myself some documentation on it. Cause I was curious as never. 

I learnt about Françoise Gilot, the model, and then I decided to discover more of Picasso's drawings. At university, we only focused on his most well-know paintings, nothing surprising. Yet this drawing became my favorite work of him. Simple. So simple that it trikes you in a disturbing way. You feel like you are facing the most beautiful young girl you have ever seen.  A flower crown in her hair, a sad and at the same time condescending look in her eyes. To be honest, I don't have much more to say about this drawing. And even if now I know a bit more about it I don't feel like it is useful to share those information. This drawing is expressive, it does say it all. Its simplicity and my lack of words to describe it say it all as well. That is why it is even more special, even more unique. Just what a masterpiece is. 



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