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May Favorite Bag: Pierce, J.W Anderson

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

I surprised myself when I choose this bag for this month's favorite. I saw it on Tumblr and Instagram a couple times, yet I wasn't really liking it. I don't know, its look was kind of weird to me. Hard to grasp, hard to match, hard to wear. This massive ring with those two holes disturbed me, and I forgot about it.

However I stumbled on some pics of it about two weeks ago, and I saw something I never saw in this bag before. Ok, this can sound a bit too mystic for a bag, yet fashion and feelings are intertwined, and I'm not afraid to say that this bag triggered a love in me that I cannot explain nor understand. When I was debating on putting it this month or in June, I thought "Well, this month, cause I might not like it anymore in 20 days". Isn't it weird? This bag did something weird to me. Of course it is really original, and that might explain some of my doubts, but actually the problem is that I don't even know what to say about since I don't understand why I like it! Such a struggle to write this post dear readers, you cannot imagine what I went through... Yet factually I find some things that I like and I can actually phrase. First of all, the size, perfect to put all your life in it, but still too small to be dedicated to library days; I perfectly see this bag as my companion on a sunny Sunday, with my novel of the moment in it, and boyfriend's stuffs who won't want to carry his wallet nor his phone. I see this bag as a "good memories bag" in fact. The kind of back that is original, the kind of bag you want to take with you when you are in a good mood, feeling pretty, having the perfect weekend with your loved one... I told you, this is a complicated love story, but one that will last.



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