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Holiday Suitcase

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

In less than a week, I am going away for a five days holiday in Northern Italy and Italian Switzerland, by the Lake Major. Hence, I have to start packing, and thought it was a good idea to share with you what I will pack to go. I will not list you everything, since most of the items I'll pack would have been already mentioned in earlier articles, however I will talk you through the content of my suitcase. 

Fashion wise, my Summer Capsule Wardrobe will be packed away with me. My gingham trouser will be one of my essential, the perfect evening piece for a stroll along the lake, once the sun would have set. With that, I will obviously pack several tops, and many from my collection of white tee-shirts, with a details such as this Mango one I have ordered few days ago. The coton material and the light colored fabric will be perfect to survive under this Southern sun. Yet during the hottest day, my new favorite sundress will be the prefect ally, to let my body breath while staying stylish. Linen shorts and denim skirts will also be needed, to add with any top, such as this Free People bohemian top, now on sale! Last but not least, a bikini. This year, I went for a stripy number, with a rather flattering shape, that I am sure to love bathing in when by the lake!

Accessory wise, my beloved woven bags and beach basket will obviously come with me, as, I have realized, I cannot leave without them this Summer. My straw hat will also be needed to protect my face from the agressive July sun, and on the beach, I won't bring my heavy coton towel, but a fouta, a very light weight and easy to dry thin towel, a traditional Tunisian piece that I love to use for its practicality. Last but not least, a my pair of sunglasses, that I got in Amsterdam few years ago from Komono, and obviously my Zara slides and Superga sneakers

Apart from fashion, I will bring in my suitcase a notebook, where I will, everyday, write about my feelings, adventures, and impressions during those holidays - a post will also be up by August! A guide book can also always be useful, even though we love to get lost. My camera will also be here, to immortalize the most beautiful landscapes. Finally, a good read, certainly one of the few I have listed in my Summer reads, that you can find here. Concerning my vanity case, an another article about my Summer makeup look will be online in a week or so!

Now that my suitcase is ready, I cannot wait to leave and enjoy a beautiful holiday!



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