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Superga: the Summer Sneaker

Saturday, 7 July 2018

I recently told you about my Summer love for slide shoes. However, I also told you that I was a real sneakers girl, and I could not live without them. This is also accurate for Summer, even though sometimes this type of shoes are hard to stand in the heat. Nevertheless, when I'll go on holiday in Italy and in Spain - really soon! Keep your eyes pealed for some city guides! - I will walk all day, be the perfect tourist, and spend a lot of time standing on my explorers' feet. Hence the utility of a good pair of sneakers. And my perfect ones are the Superga. 
This Italian brand has been a favorite of mine for several years already, but every Winter I forget about them to fall in love again during Spring. This style of shoes is extremely versatile, and can go with my beloved gingham trousers, a pair of jeans, denim or tailored shorts, and even dresses and skirts of every length. There is no limit to the possibilities of associations. But more than their amazing style, those shoes are also the comfiest. I wear mine barefoot and I never had any blister or pain. Their fabric composition also makes out of them breathable numbers, sneakers that won't keep your feet from living their comfy life. 
In other words, the Superga is a comfy chameleon shoe, a little number that you must have in your wardrobe!



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