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My Dreamt Apartment IV

Monday, 12 June 2017

The student life is not as dreamy as it seems. It is actually pretty stressful, even more when you are always looking for a new accommodation and never have a fixed place of your own. I discovered that in Amsterdam, and I also realized that my 'perfect studio expectations' were much more a Disney Dream than the real life. So I have kind of stopped looking for the perfect home there, I just try to have a roof over my head for now. Then I tend to dream more about the future, and guys, I found another perfect place to live. I can perfectly picture myself in this flat, where there is also a pretty terraces, full of plants, who as you know thanks to my last editor's letter are my new love. But yes, I can see myself in 5 years living in a flat like this one, writing on my blog, being a journalist or a writer, or who-knows-what! This is definitely my new dreamt apartment. 



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