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Summer Little Pleasure III: Gorgeous Breaky

Monday, 28 August 2017

Summer is almost over, and here is the last 'Summer Little Pleasure' post for this year. In few days I will be back in Amsterdam, so I am making the most of my time at home. And during this Summer I realized that what was most important for me was to take time, to do things slowly, to be calmer than during the rest of the year. And I am still lucky enough to have two months of holidays during Summer, so lucky enough to take time to slow down. And this did start for me in the morning. Waking up later than usual, taking time to stretch, to lay in bed for an additional couple of minutes, to do things in order to feel good. And breakfast was a big part of this slowing-down process. I like it yummy, but also pretty. I take time to make a different meal every morning, to make it healthy and yummy, but also beautiful, because it is part of making things slowly. And what a pleasure when it does look nice. Eating a gorgeous and yummy breaky on my sunny terrace, with family, boyfriend, friends. The best way to take a good start of the day, with taste, beauty, and love. 



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