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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Laziness can lead us to pretty stupid outcomes. It can concern a massive problem, such as your studies for instance, but it can also be much less important. For instance when I never took the time to enter the &Other Stories shop in Amsterdam. I looked at the window shop several times, but never took the time to enter and to browse the items. But a little while ago now, I went there, and did my first purchase. Now this shop is definitely a reference for me. And out of laziness I almost missed it. I go there pretty often, and since everytime I do go I find treasures, I wanted to write an article about my favorite pieces at the moment. But to be honest, my heart goes for the makeup and accessories range much more than for the clothes. However I tried to pick up 6 favorites from different horizons, in the hope to make you fall in love with &Other Stories as much as I did. 

This season I went into the store and instantly my eyes fell on this beautiful enveloppe purse that you can see on the photograph above. I love the style of it, the chic look, the sophisticated but effortless sense an item like this one can give to any outfit. It is small and not much can fit in here, but I don't really mind. My cardholder, my phone, a lipstick and I am good with it. The rose poudré color gives it even more sophistication in a discrete way, the perfect accessory to me.

Jewel wise, this brand is also a good reference. They have a lot of pieces which are not too expensive, yet qualitative, and which will instantly give you this typical Swedish girl sophistication in simplicity. Their earrings in particular can be quite a statement, but they are always classy and still discrete, which is an amazing combination for both day and night. I have here selected one pair of earrings, that are perfect to go with every outfit, and also this thin necklace, very much in fashion at the moment.

The colder times are definitely here, and when you are going everywhere by bike and living in the cold and humid Amsterdam, you need gloves. And I found the perfect pair here. They go very high up and not only keep your hands warm, but also your arms! Not surprising when we know that it is a Swedish brand, they know it all about cold. 

When looking for sexy lingerie and cute barrettes, I only go there now. They have the most beautiful pieces, things you will always feel sexy in. I found it hard to select one item only, but I finally went for this very sexy set, in red, the color of love. Their lingerie is not only sexy though, it is also very comfortable and agreeable to wear. Definitely a reference for underwear.

I love &Other Stories for their makeup range, not tested on animals, and very respectful of your skin. They also have the most amazing shades, and know how to come up with exactly what is on trend. I kind of struggled to pick up only two items for my favorites. I already talked about my beloved Chubby Lip Pencil in my Fall Favorite Makeup post, so I want to come up with something else here, being another of my current favorite, their lip gloss in Pêche Rose. I don't know what it is, but they are very good with nudy colors. They definitely know how to encapsule the discrete sophistication of the Scandinavian girl, and this shade, very glossy, is one perfect example of that. 
My second item would be much more of a skin care product, since it is a lip balm. I am a lot into lip balms, and when I saw this one I thought I had to try it out. And honestly, it is one of the most efficient lip balm I have ever tried. It is hydrating, it adds a little bit of pink on your lips, and works perfectly as a base for the lip gloss for instance. A winning combination for your lips. 

Lastly, I picked up an item from the ready-to-wear collection. I am very classic style wise, as you may know by now, so I went for an extremely classic piece, a high neck knit. Boring, I know. Yet the material, the feeling, and mostly the cut of this one are particularly amazing, and definitely worse the buy. A piece that will last for long in your wardrobe, and that you will take out of your closet with joy every Winter.

So here is my list of current favorites from this brand, hope you'll fall in love with some items..!



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