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October Favorite Bag: Céline 'Cabas'

Friday, 27 October 2017

Following bloggers and influencers always lead to good surprises. I have been following Negin Mirsalehi for a little time now, and thanks to her I am discovering amazing pieces, whether from high street brands or couture designers. Watching her vlogs, and scrolling through her Instagram the other day, I noticed this bag. I had some difficulties finding it online actually. Maybe it wasn't a best-seller, or maybe it is just not on sale anymore, but no matter the reason I just don't get it. I mean, isn't this bag the perfect cabas? Everything about it is practical. The double straps, letting you choose how you want to carry it; the size, huge, a massive space where you can put absolutely everything you want. 

Actually I think that this bag is just the perfect uni bag. You can carry it on your shoulder, but most of all you can put all of your mess in it. It is so big you won't have any problem fitting in all the useless stuffs you will don't need for your day but want, 'just in case'. Even a laptop does fit, what else could we ask for? Oh yes I know, an amazing color. Negin's choice is impossible to criticize. Between sky blue and grey, this bag can be worn in every season. It is at the same time a discreet color and a statement one. Céline made it one more time. A new fave to love. 



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