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January Favorite Bag: Amor Fati, M2Malletier

Saturday, 27 January 2018

January has been a long month. I have started working on my thesis, and I can tell you it is drenching me. My question, the artification of high fashion, and how this field is going more and more towards art, is making me look at fashion magazines, fashion blogs, in a different way. While I was working this past month, I did stumble upon the picture of a bag. It shape, its very contemporary style, its material, its geometry, made me think that behind the creation of this bag, there must be a will to do something more than just fashion. It is this bag, the Amor Fati, by the brand M2Malletier. It is so peculiar, so different, it has so much character, when I saw it I thought "a favorite for life". The question of the artification of fashion does not leave my mind when I look at it. When you carry it, it is just like carrying a portable sculpture, just like having in your hand a statement, a proof that fashion is changing. M2Malletier, with this creation, does more than creating what I believe should be a it-bag, it does create an aesthetic statement. A will for something different. Beautiful, but different. 



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