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The Smart Trousers

Saturday, 6 January 2018

The Christmas break was really needed for me. To go back home, spent some time in family, with my boyfriend, at home, to just relax and try to forget all the stress of my life for a moment. That is also why I haven't been really accurate with my blog, not publishing when I should have. I was just busy doing other things, and couldn't be bothered with any work when I could actually be spending time with my loved ones. Yet the holiday cannot last forever, and it is time for me to get back on track. But to stay in the festive spirit - my Christmas tree is still up - I want today to talk about a clothing piece that has been a real ally for me during the holiday: the smart trousers. I am a big fan of jeans, I live in them to be honest. They are so easy to throw on and to wear that I cannot be bothered wearing something else. Yet sometimes you get fed up of your own habits, and during the holiday I couldn't stand my jeans anymore. I spent a lot of time in Christmas pyjamas, yes, but well, it would't have been really fancy to wear PJ's bottom on Christmas day, so I went for the smart trousers. I bought few pairs some years ago, and never really wore them. I actually have forgot about them, but also about how easy to wear and comfy they are. You can wear them with a smart top, a shirt, a sweater, a t-shirt, even a sweatshirt, it will always look awesome. Looking smart while staying comfy, a pure luxury. In 2018 I do want to upgrade my bottom pieces game, and this type of trousers will definitely be a go to for me. I cannot wait for the warmer days - no light checked pants in Amsterdam during Winter guys - to dare wear checked trousers with white shirts and ballerinas. A trend as old as fashion, yet it is never too late to adopt it!



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