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Blogger Style: Emma Hill

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

It has been a while since I have posted a 'Blogger Style', but to be honest I am starting to get bored by all of those influencers brands are now overwhelming us with. It is always too much, girls wear too much make up, they get too many free clothes and lose their opinions and sense of critic. I wanted then to find a blogger I could really rely on for some fashion advices and honesty when it comes to the product, but also a fashion blogger with a really good style. And I was happy to stumbled upon one of Emma Hill's video on YouTube. She is not a YouTuber at first, yet it is here that I came across her work, and let me tell you, she brings some fresh air into this crazy fashion bloggers world. Emma is honest, and will always tell you what she thinks of a product or a brand, even if it has been gifted to her. And this today is quite rare. Yet her honesty is not the only thing that keeps making me go back to her: Emma has an amazing style. She is classic for sure, yet she knows how to add "a little bit of Jazz" as she would say. A Londoner with a very Parisian style, all about jeans, tee-shirts and blazers, but also quality and statement pieces. I rely a lot on her now to create my capsule wardrobe every season, but also to find the best of high street stores. 
In her case I did not want to do three categories as I usually do since her style does not differ so much. So I just picked up some pictures of my favorite looks of hers, some inspiration for every girl willing to go back to some basics. 

Credits for the Images: Emma Hill's Instagram



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