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Currently Loving... Rodin Beauty

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

To be more responsible when it comes to fashion and beauty, is now not only reserved to few outsiders, it is a conscious need that more and more men and women realize, and go towards. Beauty and skincare products tend to be full of ingredients that, for most of them, we don't know, and cannot even pronounce their names. Too chemical, too agressive, too bad for the planet, and sadly still tested on animals. Yet to find sustainable beauty brands which actually believe in those values, apply them, and are cruelty free, can be a hard task. Lucky you, I have found the perfect one! As you might know if you read my skincare routine post, I have now found the perfect products for my skin to feel and look nice, but also products that actually contain only few ingredients and good ones. However, Rodin's philosophy convinced me: "Use good, use less, and get on with it". I totally agree with this 'to the point' philosophy, and decided to give them a try.

To be fair, this was a pretty good decision to make. I have ordered few bits and pieces, and honestly, I really get on with them. I have not let down my usual beauty routine, however to add some of their products improved my skin and its quality even more. I have added to my morning and evening ritual their Jasmine & Neroli Face Oil, which naturally gives me the glow we all crave for. And to take it even further, I gave a try to their Hair Oil, and what a game changer! My hair is just beautiful, so shinny and soft, and the oil smells heavenly. Their oils collection totally convinced me, and as they constitute their main focus, I can tell you they know what they are doing. 

However, Rodin also creates makeup products, and as the beauty addict that I am, I had to try some of them. My favorite of all of my purchases might be their Lip Balm, and not only because it comes in the fanciest packaging, but also because it really works. Made with shea butter, beeswax and smelling heavenly of neroli and jasmine, it hydrates your lips in such a way that you don't even feel it. But more than nourishing, I noticed by using it regularly, that it did smoothen up my lips and that it is also an amazing basis for lipsticks. Speaking of lipsticks, Rodin came up with the boldest and most beautiful shades of them. I could rave about all the amazing colors, yet my favorite one is for sure the beautiful nude "So Mad", which, to be short, is the perfect nude. And I believe that they must have used a similar formula as with their lip balm, for the lipsticks are so easy to apply, not sticky but soft and creamy, with a light and comfortable matte finish. The hardest part will be to not buy every color in my next order!

Last but not least, I recently fell in love with their Mermaid collection. Well, to be fair they already got me at the name, yet the collections, which also has an amazing packaging, keeps its promises. For this Summer, they came up with a simply amazing Illuminating Powder, a mix between a powdery product and a gel: a dream. The color is also something. You can definitely build it, to create a very light glow, or a rather strong and bold one, it is up to you! The product is very easy to use, and works with every skin tones, another way to create sustainable beauty. And holly fish, the packaging is a mermaid dream. 

I hope you would have enjoyed this little review of Rodin Beauty, and will eventually try out some of their amazing products! I am always really happy to try out sustainable brands, and when their products are so respectful of your skin and health, it is even more dreamy. A 'currently loving' that I will for sure love for years.



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