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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Summer when you are still a lucky student is a time to relax, to enjoy, and to slow down. I am still this lucky student, and I will surely make the most of it before getting back to the real life in September. And is there a better way to relax than to seat in the sun with a good read? To me, this is the best Summer activity, and in 2018 I won't change this lovely tradition. This year, I will be going away several times, hence my reading list is being influenced by my travels and activities. I will go to Italy in a few weeks, before flying to Barcelona in August. Yet to be fair Italy inspired me a bit more, and I have decided that it was finally time to read the so famous Under the Tuscan Sun, by Frances Mayes. A modern classic, a book which embodies all the charms of Italy, a novel that let the readers dive into an ideal holiday. My stay in Northern Italy will then be the perfect place to finally discover this famous story, yet Italy, as I told you, inspired me, and I picked up another Italian read. Once again a dreamt holiday, imagined by a foreign writer. This one, Summer at the Lake, is by Erica James, and tells an idealistic love story, where Italy is once again a perfectly fitted landscape. 

However I am not only about Italy. Some British reads caught my eye, and Mark Haddon's Red House will finally be checked of my reading list! This family mystery diving into the past is right up my street, and the British courtly side one of my favorite setting for a Summer novel, a cozy place for twisty stories. Another British novel I have heard a lot about is The Wildflowers by Harriet Evans. As the critics explain, this book is a real Summer read, at the same time mysterious and light, a book to read when lying under the sun of a Spanish beach for sure. 

As for the last one, it is not simply a novel, it is a master piece. I have been a sucker for Russian's literature since many years now, reading all the main novels and authors, yet one of those book has never been checked of my list: Anna Karenina, by Leon Tolsto├». I guess the number of pages - above the 1000 - kind of scared me, but this Summer I want to finally get to know this mythical story and its character, a book that, I am sure, will change me, as many of the Russian novels I read did. A master piece I want to give my time to this Summer, for it deserves it. 



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