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Summer Lip Obsession: Dior Lipglow

Saturday, 30 June 2018
Summer is not the season for heavy make up. All we are looking for when it is hot and toasty, is a light feeling on the skin, and in my view, two products can be really hard to stand in Summer: foundation, and lipstick. As for the first one, I never wear foundation in Summer, only concealer under my eyes and on blemishes, and eventually a tinted moisturizer if I have a really bad skin day. Yet for the lips, I always struggle to find light formulas. Creamy lipstick melt on your face, while matte liquid lipstick are extremely drying. The best option is then the lip balm. But a transparent color can become boring, and that is where one of my favorite product, since last Spring now, comes in to play: Dior Lipglow.
This product is both a lip balm and a tint. It just stains your lips, and does not feel heavy, nor look heavy. The colors of the range are very natural, and not that outstanding, yet that is definitely a quality for a natural Summer makeup look. What I love about this product is the combination between Dior'a amazing lip balm, Crème de Rose, and their talent to come out with the prettiest neutral yet noticeable shades. This very nourishing basis is a plus for Summer, when the sun and the water are constantly drying our lips out. It is moisturizing, yet light, and long lasting. This range is a favorite for all year round, yet in Summer it is almost the only lip product I reach for. Something light and comfortable, but also nourishing and so pretty. The magic formula for a perfect Summer smile. 



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