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June Favorite: The Slides

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Fashion is changing. Now the most important thing is not anymore the outer appearance, we also start thinking about the inner well-being. I read a very interesting article in the latest Vogue Paris, and learnt that now being healthy did not mean anymore solely "eat your green", but also wear comfy clothes, and walk barefoot to recharge your batteries. This healthy trend does not touch only our food habits, and has now been spread throughout our whole lifestyle, and is put forward by fashion brands and media. Every item of our wardrobe, every bit of our vanity case, every aspect of our daily life is entitled to make us feel good, and not a part of our body or mind is forgotten. Not even our feet. Heels are out, now health girls are all about sneakers. And to be fair, I am pretty happy about this trend. I always hated heels and been a sneakers kind of girl. Comfort and style, the perfect combination. However, in Summer, even though I stay faithful to my sneakers, I need to let my toes breath, and then the slide comes to play. I have never really been a slides type of girl, much more a sandals one. But fashion changes, and we do too. This year I cannot stand to wear sandals, and all I want to do is to slide into my Zara tanned numbers and go out to enjoy the sun, feeling comfy and stylish. 

This type of shoes is this month's favorite for one first obvious reason: it is Summer and those are stylish open toes shoes. But what I love the most about them is how you can wear them with every outfit. From the denim short to the sun dress, even the gingham trouser, you can put them on and they will always add some elegance, class and trend to your outfit. An accessory which is body and fashion friendly. And the fact that there exist so many different styles and types of slides only add to the possibilities. I have included them into my Summer Capsule Wardrobe, and I must say this was a smart purchase. They literally go with everything and gives a laid-back yet chic touch to your look. A June favorite that will last me all Summer, eventually for years. 



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