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Sweater weather

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

It is this time of the year again. Weather is getting colder, wind is blowing, rain is falling, and all we want to do is stay warm at home, afraid of Winter which is just around the corner. But since life does not leave us the chance to stay at home every day that it is cold outside, we have to wear layers and layers of clothes and go out. And then the sweater weather season starts. I'm quite glad about it actually. Sweaters are comfy, you don't need to do too much effort to style them, just throw it on, jeans at the bottom, a big scarf, a coat and nice sneakers and you're done. 

Some months ago I stumbled upon the perfect sweater. If you like luxury garments, too comfy to be true, if you like irony in elegance, if you like Jurassic Park - I'm not even kidding - , you'll love it. The t-rex Coach knitted sweater. This is perfect the illustration of fashion being not serious, of fashion being childish, of fashion being just wearable and not talking itself too seriously. Coach likes to play with garments, patches all over their coats, funny patterns on their sweaters and jackets, they are not afraid to be light and careless in a fashion world full of prejudices and pride - sounds like Jane Austen, right? I know, I'm a bit too much of a fan. So let's just be careless but chic this winter, and go fight the cold weather with a t-rex on our side!

Picture credit: Arden Rose's Instagram



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