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Spring Haul

Saturday, 3 March 2018

New season means new fashion. I do not shop a lot. I love shopping, don't get me wrong, but I really try ton contain myself. However, 'new in' sections always get me. I have a hard time resisting, and the stress overload call for a new season finishes to convince me. So few days ago, when I realized that Spring was around the corner (it is finally so sunny in Amsterdam!) I deiced that it was time to update my wardrobe and makeup collection. Here are the bits and pieces that I shop, you will find the link below for each item if you fancy a little bit of shopping too! Spring, I am coming for you 🌷

There is one thing that I always buy at this season, every year, it is almost a ritual now. Every Spring, I purchase a new pair of white sneakers. They re for sure my favorite type of shoes. So wearable, it goes with every outfit, whether it is jeans and a knitwear, or star trousers and a fancy blouse. And each year, I go for a different pair. However, this Spring I felt like going back to a classic, and an old time favorite of mine, white Converse. I was not really sure to be honest, my latest Converse did not last me for long, and I have the feeling that the quality is not as good as it used to be. BUT, thus time, I am giving a try to the leather version. It is more an off-white color, and the copper details are adding a little bit of jazziness to this rather classic trainer. 

I recently went to the Mango shop in Amsterdam, and to be fair, they had some strong pieces for their Spring collection. If I did not have a little bit of self control,  I could have went far over the top. Yet my bank account stop me from this craziness. I still picked up three items. 
The first one is a black denim jacket. I know it is going to sound weird, but I hadn't had one in years, and every Spring and Summer I can feel this lack in my wardrobe. So this year, I went for it. Mango has really nice cuts, and this jacket was just the perfect shape for me. Not too long, not too short. I went one size over, just to be sure that I could wear it with my chunky knitwear this Spring. A smart purchase, for a very reasonable price. 

Mango's jumpers and knitwear are my faves. I have always been a Zara girl, but it looks like I am becoming much more of a Mango one. All of my favorites jumpers that I own are from Mango. The chunky ones, the thiner ones, the basic ones, I love them and get a lot of wear out of them. And, I am also a sucker for message sweaters. When I saw the "Why not now" jumper, I fell for it. The fabric is very thin, but still keeps you warm, perfect for Spring time. Black and white, not too risky, but always a go to for me. A new favorite jumper from Mango. 
My last piece from Mango was a bag. I have few from the brand already, and I am pretty happy with the quality. Yet I am trying to buy less bags. I have too many and do not wear them enough. But this one, I couldn't resist. Do you remember my favorite bag post from last month? The M2 Malletier bag? Well, I found a pretty cool dupe. The color is not the one I would have went to though if I had have more choices, yet I think that this emerald green makes the bag stands out even more. The shape is almost similar as the designer's one, except that it has a chain. A difference yes, but way more practical in real life. 

Makeup wise, I hadn't gone too crazy. I love my current staples, and tend to always wear the same products. I have already too many items anyway.Yet I have welcomed two new friends in my beauty case. The first one is a lipstick, by Clinique. I always love Clinique, I think it is a very cool brand, and the quality of the product is amazing, it does respect your skin in the best way, never feels heavy, always a pleasure to wear. For the Spring, I picked up one of their new Pop Lip Shadow, in the color Fiesta Pop 07. And let me tell you, it is just beautiful. It gives to your lips an ombré look, absolutely gorgeous. As always with Clinique, the formula is amazing, and the packaging to die for! For this specific product though, I would advise you to wear it with a lip balm underneath, as it can be a little bit dry at the application. But still lovely, and the range of colors is so Springy, I could have get them all!

My last item of this new season haul is an eye shadow. Before getting any further, let me tell you that eye makeup wise I am a very simple girl: a cat eye is my go to. Yet I have been willing to try out new eye looks, and to start off I have decided to go for the simplest: an eye shadow stick. I went for Charlotte Tilbury this time, which is a brand that I love and do not reach for enough. And when at the counter, I instantly fell in love with the Chameleon Eyeshadow sticks. After asking for some advices - which color to go for when you are blond with blue eyes? - I picked up the Mesmerizing Mink one. A nice browny grey, so easy to apply, so easy to blend and to create a complete look. A very good product for a new comer like me. And I can't wait to buy some other shades!

Waiting for you Spring 🌷



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