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Art Review: 'Bibliothèque du Dauphin à Versailles', Maurice Lobre

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

When I have to think about things that are too hard to figure out, too depressing, too stressful, I love to find shelter in the well-known. As I explained in my latest editor's letter, I am confused and anxious about my near future, not knowing what is coming next. So this morning, waking up sad and down as for the past days, instead of working on my thesis, I went back to my Modern art history book that I always keep nearby. While thinking about my impossible decision making, I went through the book, enjoying beautiful paintings and sculptures, trying to find comfort in the past. All of those images I knew, all those names I heard before, at a time where the future was not so much on my mind. At a time where I was falling in love with this amazing boy, but I did not have to think about what to come next yet. I then stumbled upon this painting by Maurice Lobre. He is not an artist we study loads in art history, but I remember when I discovered his work I instantly became one of his first supporter. His aesthetic, the blurriness of his paintings, the way he played with light and colors hooked me. It was during my first year in Geneva that I became aware of this artist, and since then I never studied his work, just looked at it, enjoyed it with my eyes while trying to keep my art historian's brain out of it, for the sake of pure enjoyment. This morning, for the first time in a few years, I let myself get lost in this painting again, imagining somebody walking into this sunny room, being maybe just like me, scared and unsure about the future. And then my troubles got to my mind again. But those few minutes, just enjoying a beautiful art piece, escaping from this scary present to find shelter in a comforting past, made my day a little bit easier. Just a little bit, however. The future is still there. 



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