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Protect your skin, and your planet: Avène Sun protection

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Beauty tends to make us selfish people. We care about our skin, we care about the quality of the product we put on our faces and bodies, but we tend to forget about the impact we have on our environment, by being so self centered. With sun protection, it tends to be even worse. We burry ourselves under tones of sunscreen, afraid to damage our skin, and then we take a dip in the sea, in the ocean, in the lake, and leave a massive amount of product in the water. More than poisoning living animals, it does leave a coat of sunscreen on the surface of the water, and keeps the sun rays from going under, then killing the plancton and see weeds which are needing the sun rays to survive. This is only the start, because when the plancton dies, the fishes don't have anything left to eat, etc.., and by bathing with product on our skin, we kill the world we are living in.
That is why nowadays it is very important to choose our products wisely, especially when they have such a direct contact with nature. This Summer, I choose the brand Avène to protect my skin, and also to protect my environment. The formula they have developed is not only amazing for your skin - it moisturizes, protects you amazingly and is perfect for sensitive skins - but it is also a revolutionary one that won't impact the environment as much as others do. The way it has been developed has made possible for it to not stay at the surface of the water when leaving our bodies, and to stick to the skin as much as possible. I love this initiative, and how respectful such a dangerous product has become. Avène has made a major step, and I highly recommend to purchase this range of sun protection. I am not sponsored to write this post, I just truly believe in this range and in our power to make a change by simply choosing a bit more wisely! Protect yourself, but don't forget to protect the world we are living in. 



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