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Holiday Makeup Look

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Last week, I went away to Northern Italy for a family holiday. The temperatures were crazy, at some point we reached 39°C, which is quite a lot compared to the 30s I am used to. But even if I was on holiday, and the goal was to fit as much as we could in one day, I still wanted to look presentable. It wasn't the best days for my skin, and I needed some help from my makeup. But how to combine makeup and crazy heat and sun? Here is what I packed and wore during my first Summer holidays. 

First thing first: sun protection. I have already talked you through sunscreen in an earlier post this year, and I have stayed pretty faithful to that routine, especially under this mediterranean sun. I changed my sunscreen for a La Roche Posay one, simply to give a try to that brand, and to be fair, it works wonders. My body never burnt once, even if we spent all of the hottest hours wandering under the sun, and I even managed to get a tan! A real miracle for the pale girl that I am. Of course I also moisturized a lot, every morning and every night, so my skin stayed healthy and good looking even with that heat. I am also applying my Nuxe Lipbalm on my lips every time they felt drier, keeping it from crumbling. However, there is not only your body and your face that you need to protect, but also your hair. For that, I have been faithful for over a year now to the brand Gisou, created by blogger Negin Mirsaheli. For the past weeks, I have used all of her products. After washing my hair, I apply the heat protecting spray, then the oil that I run through it. The wave spray has also been a favorite of mine to style my hair, as well as the comb which recently came out. The heat protecting spray came with me to the beach every day, and I must say it worked wonders. But just to be sure that my hair has not been damaged at all during the day, I applied the hair mask every night. In a word, Gisou is saving my hair this Summer. 

Makeup wise, with this heat, there was one quality I needed in every of my products, it was for them to be waterproof. With the sweat and the water, I could not afford to wear normal makeup that would have dripped all over my face. However, I don't want a lot of coverage in Summer. I look for light weight products, that won't feel like anything on my face, and that will stick to it while staying natural. I don't wear foundation at all during Summer, but I wanted to cover my few blemishes, and for that I turned to my faithful Estée Lauder Double Wear concealer, which has a very good coverage yet won't be visible at all. My other essential was my Better Than Sex mascara, by Too Faced. This waterproof formula is amazing, it is so good that you even have trouble removing it at night. But I must say, it made my lashes look wonderful, and stayed all day even under that heat and after few dips in the Lake Major. Last product - yes only three! - my beloved Dior Lipglow in Matte 002, I recently talked you through. This combination of three make up products has been a favorite of mine this holiday, and will for sure stay one for the whole Summer. The goal for me is to protect my skin from sun damages, but also to look good and healthy, glowy, without too many efforts nor products. I think I have finally found the perfect recipe to achieve that. 

I hope my care and makeup routine will inspire you!



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