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Currently Loving...The Envelope Bag

Saturday, 16 December 2017

As you might be aware by now, I am a lot into handbags. I love the idea of a new bag, one that I will be carrying around everywhere, then forget about, then find again, and fall in love one more time. They are more useful than an expensive lipstick, and less hard to get than a nice boyfriend, they are the easy therapy for all sad girls. Recently I fell in love with not solely a new bag, but a new type of bag. Which does announce a chase for all the good ones that will fit my criteria. And my new crush went for the envelope bag. I stumbled upon a beautiful one in & Other Stories few months ago, that I mentioned in my favorites list, and since then, I am on the hunt for the most beautiful one I can find. But well, let's be realistic, those bags are so unpractical. I mean, they are the smallest thing ever, they do not have any handle, you have to carry them in your hand or stuck under your arm, they are a complete nightmare. Nonetheless... God. They are so gorgeous and elegant. I feel like I am so ready to suffer for them, to have to take only the necessary with me and not my whole life. I feel like sacrificing a lot to look elegant and classy. When you carry an envelope bag it is more than just looking cool, it is looking like a mysterious girl. 'What does she have in her tiny envelope? What does she carry? Where is she going?'. The answers might be as unglamorous as "I am so mad because I actually needed for once this pack of tissues", or "I am heading back home grabbing my backpack cause I can cope with this size and this carrying style". But it does not matter. As long as you are elegant, who cares? 



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